De volgende sprekers zijn aanwezig op ElggCampAMS

Jeroen Dalsem Jeroen Dalsem elgg website twitter linkedin 

Almost 5 years of developing experience in Elgg and co-owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, one of the leading Elgg developer companies. With a background as a trained Software Engineer and with experience in Project Management and Business Intelligence he brings a lot to the Elgg community. In plugin developement his main focus is on Theming and End User functionality.

Jerôme Bakker Jerôme Bakker elgg website twitter linkedin 

After finishing my bachelor degree in Computer Science at Saxion Hogeschool Enschede I started as a System Engineer.
Several years later I started a new challenge with Jeroen Dalsem named ColdTrick IT Solutions. We specialize in Elgg social networks, my main focus is the technical background of our plugins. This could mean connecting to an external system or getting the most out of the Elgg engine.

tom_voorneveld Tom Voorneveld elgg website linkedin 

CEO of Lorinthe BV. Lorinthe specializes in supporting health care organisations and medical professionals. With a team of 40 professionals, Lorinthe develops and maintains the infrastructure that keeps doctors and nurses well informed and connected with each other. With more than 27 years of expertise in software development, project management and IT marketing, he can be seen as one of the leading authorities in this field.

 leo_van_schie Leo van Schie  website twitter linkedin 

During many years Leo has been active with communities and platforms. For traditional (offline) communities, the added value of online has been a game changer enabling new dynamics. The elgg based community justairborne.com is just an illustration of the opportunity to combine the on and offline reality and shows how a marketing strategy can be executed.

Michal Zacher Michał Zacher elgg website linkedin 

Mike is a founder of Vazco, company specializing in highly customized Elgg projects, built for large traffic. Over a course of time Vazco developed solutions which allows to use Elgg for an extremely large active userbase, as well as to a very specific goals – implementation of gaming websites, forex trading platforms, intranets and many more.

Mike managed planning and implementation of over 30 Elgg-based social networks. Having possibility to participate in so many projects gave him good experience in handling each step of a website creation process – from planning to release phase, including marketing.

Before founding Vazco, Michał worked as a programmer on development of social networks and large e-commerce platforms, including Surfstitch – largest surfing store in Australia.

Brett Profitt Brett Profitt elgg twitter linkedin 

Since October 2009 I’ve been the lead developer for the Elgg social networking engine and have helped to make it one of the most popular FOSS social networking systems available.
I’ve been using, tinkering with, and developing technology and applications since I was old enough to type.  I wrote my first web site (dedicated to the Jackson High School Marching Ironmen) in 1996 using borrowed bandwidth and hosting.  I’ve been involved in major rewrites for school district sites, creating and maintaining college sites, and am a developer of the current generation of Elgg, which powers universities, government agencies, and thousands of niche social networks.

I strongly believe in the Open Source Software movement and its principles and am glad to be part of the OSS community through my contributions to Elgg.

carmen_nolten Carmen Nolten-Laan  twitter linkedin 

Carmen Nolten-Laan is a secretary, mutineer and Hugo-trainer (Hugo is a Pleio-subsite) at Gemeente Heerhugowaard. Convinced of the many opportunities the internet provides and the choices people have to make herein. You simply cannot follow everything, you have to choose what’s best for you.

Since 2 years Pleio-user, -addict and -believer. Overwhelmed by and convinced of the possibilities Pleio provides for the government and society.

Pleio is built on ELGG and is the way to bring co-creation in a quick, smart and easy way in practice.